World War II, getting stuck in the sand and possibly the best tree swing of Australia – Cape York Roadtrip (Day 9)

We woke up at about 8 o’clock and had some rain for the first time on our roadtrip. I got up as first and went for a short swim in the ocean to get rid of the sweat which came came with the tight sleeping space in the car. After that we had some breakfast all together which was again just oats with honey pops. After that Mike realized that the right front tyre was flat. This was quite a surprise for us but not too terrible because we had a reserve tyre just below the car. So we got the new tyre out and replaced it for the flat one and everything was done in a matter of minutes. With a bit of delay we headed back on the streets and made our way again to Seisia.

The plan today was to look for a boat to hire in Seisia to do some island hopping but we didn’t expect too much becuase nobody has a license and it was already pretty late. There is also a World War II monument which we wanted to see and we wanted to explore some more of the west coast today and eventually sleep on a campsite with sunset view.

When we reached Seisia after some rough roads and slowly driving along the coast we unfortunately had to find out that we were not able to rent a boat because it was already too late and nobody would give us a boat without a license. There are only boats early in the morning due to rough sea in the afternoon and you need a license for driving a boat. Sometimes a license is not needed but apparently it is so we changed our today’s plans. We decided to stay in Seisia and do some more fishing and exploring around 🙂

Louka and me got out our provisional fishing rod and tried to catch some fish with other peoples baits. The wheather was not too good, so there were not many people fishing but we found a friendly local who was willing to catch some small fish for us so we can use it for bait in order to catch som even bigger fish. Unfortuinately the bait didn’t stick on the hook for a long time and fell off quite quick so he had to catch some new one for us but it was not a problem for him. We were again unsuccessful today and catching nothing because our rod is just too small I guess but we had a good time anyway. We chatted a bit with the local, who lived here for already over 20 years, and we heard some stories about crocodiles on the beach and five meter sharks just below the wharf. We had a good talk and some nice atmosphere, so fishing is defintely a thing to do up here for us.

After quite a while of fishing and after the local was gone, Louka and me got hungry so we ate some lunch from an expensive supermarket nearby (All of them are expensive up here). We had some good food with the other guys Mike and Florent and gave each other some updates before we headed off to the World War II radar station early enough before it got dark.

After some winding roads and a couple of wrong ways because the navigation system wasn’t quite fair with us, we reached the radar station but it was a lot smaller than expected. It was just a small radar tower which is almost rusted away but still impressive to see some leftovers from the world war. I can’t tell a lot about it but it was apparently there for spotting aircrafts and making sure they don’t do anything forbidden..

The rusty Second World War radar station

After that we found a camping place online which had according to the WikiCamps app possibly the best tree swing in Australia so had to check this site out and got the route on our navi.

We should better not have done this because after a while of small and sandy roads the destiny was against us and we got stuck in the sand. We couldn’t move back and forth and we were extremely remote so nobody would come to help us. But we accepted the situation and tried to get out of there as fast as possible because it was almost dark already.

So we all got out and tried to push the car out which didn’t work. That would have been too easy apparently. So we tried the idea to put some wooden planks under the wheels to get some grip in order to get out of the sand but as Mike tried it again – it wouldn’t work. The planks were not placed good enough under the car so we had to come up with another idea. Aftern that we pushed up the car with a jack and some sufficiently strong wood under it to give some resistance to the jack. When it was high enough it was easy game for us to put the planks properly under the wheels. After we released the car back to the ground we were pretty excited to try a last effort and Mike pressed the gas and eventually – the car moved and we were out! We were quite happy that we did it finally and it was a bit scary because it was already dark outside. After that we were able to resume our way to the campsite and reached it shortly after that.

​Being on the campiste we built up our tents and had some really good pasta for dinner and of course some good swings on the tree swing. I wouldn’t say it’s the best tree swing in Australia (even though it’s my first tree swing in Australia ever) but there are certainly better ones. We had a bit of a chat with a couple which was also camping there tonight and they are on their way towards Cape York and we told them about our journey there. They had quite a nice campfire and after they went to bed they left it for us and we enjoyed the night with some warming fire and a clear sky full of stars!

Louka and me stayed up talking until midnight and Florent and Mike went to bed earlier today. Tonight will be my first night in my own tent because the car is apparently too small for two persons. And though I had a mattress and a sleeping bag and Mike had a small tent, I was able to sleep in my own tent and Mike had the car for himself. I’m sure I will sleep good tonight after all this adventure and this beatiful campsite with a nice campfire until late evening. Unfortunately this will be our last day at Cape York because we have to make our way back to Cairns tomorrow because Mike will have some vacation with a girlfriend. It’s a bit sad and I would be glad to have some more time up here but it is as it is and being back in civilizations can be good as well 🙂

Our campsite next morning

The view from our tree swing campsite with a bit of rainbow

Good night and enjoy the last picture 🙂

Cheers love and peace, Leo


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