The sleeping town of Seisia – Cape York Roadtrip (Day 8)

Today we were sleeping well at our remote campsite on the rocky east coast of the Cape York peninsula. We woke up at 6 o’clock because we wanted to see the sunrise, but when we saw the cloudy sky we went straight back to bed. I couldn’t fall asleep again so I remained awake and went for a small walk and did some meditation, which didn’t work very good because the soil was very rocky and many insects disturbing me.

Off to Seisia

At about 8 o’clock the whole group woke up, we had some breakfast together and then left our solitude campsite. We got back on the road towards our next destination which was Seisia, a small coastal town with a small wharf where all the ferries to the Torres Strait Islands depart. I had the wish to go to Thursday Island, which is one of the most important Islands in the Torres Strait, because a girl who is from this area recommended me to go there. When we arrived in Seisia, we asked our way through how we would get to the Thursday Islands but unfortunately there are only two expenive options. We could either take a ferry return ticket for 116$ each or a guided tour with some attractions and sightseeing for 199$ each. So we changed our mind and decided to stay the day in Seisia, because the other guys didn’t really want to go to Thursday Island anyway…

Relaxed fishing

Because we got told before the Roadtrip that fishing up here on the peninsula is pretty good we saw the opportunity of a whole free day and asked around how to get fishing stuff. The locals told us to see a shop a little bit outside of Seisia, so we drove there and got a small hand roll, some hooks and squid for 20$ to start the fishing. We went back to the wharf and started fishing. On the wharf were quite a lot of other people fishing with pretty professional fishing equipment and trying to get fish all day. The atmosphere was very relaxed and the weather was amazing so it was a good day to do some fishing, also becuase there are supposed to be a lot of fish. So we put our squid on the bait and released the rod in the water and tried our luck but nothing really bit our hook.

Our fishing equipment: A handroll

Louka and me wanted to get some calamari or mackerel to get the ultimate lunch for today but we were not really successful. We even asked the other people to help us out and they gave us some bait but we didn’t manage to catch anything… After about 2 hours of fishing we gave it up because we were getting hungry and already used a lot of our bait, so we met the other guys and had some lunch together. We had a place just next to the beach with a beautiful and relaxing view on the wharf and the islands, which was quite nice and we really did enjoy our time there!

The wharf in Seisia seen from the beach

Louka and me trying our luck with the fish

Looking for a camping spot

After that we didn’t dare to go back fishing but instead went back in the car and drove north because to get to a nice free camping spot with the possibility to see the sunset. We had some gravel road and eventually came to a 4WD Track which was again pretty hard to drive becuase it was very sandy, many trees blocking the view and unstructured roads until we eventually reached a dead end. So we had to turn around and built up our place at a second class spot, which was still a cool spot. We had a nice beach with a view on the offshore islands and very remote. Unfortunately we couldn’t see the sunset because the sun set behind an island, which was a pity because we were trying to get to another spot a little bit further so we can see the sunset but it’s alright anyway.

Our spot right on the beach (The picture was taken the next morning)

The island which spoiled our sunset 😉

So we settled our camp, made some pasta with eggs for dinner and as it got dark we made a campfire and gathered around the fire. We watched the stars, which looked again magnificent this night, talked a bit and drank some good white wine. These kind of moments are just unforgettable and for a moment you realise, that you are living the life you always see in the adventure movies and so on but this time it’s for real and that’s just pricelss!

Soon after that we all went to bed because we want to experience more adventure in the next days so let’s see what happens tomorrow!

Cheers, love and peace, Leo


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