We reached the Cape! – Cape York Roadtrip (Day 7) 

Today we were waking up pretty early at 7 on the campsite next to the river because we wanted to reach the tip of Cape York today. We had some choco pops with oats for breakfast like every morning and then packed the car and started our way. Short after we left the campsite we came back to the Telegraph Track but it was nothing too difficult apart from a small river crossing and some rough roads. After about 10 kilometers of driving we reached our small road which would lead us back to the mainroad. We really had to take this road because the Telegraph Track was supposed to get even harder and we were getting sick of driving slow and caring about the car anyway.

We drove for about 2 hours on the main road and then we reached the ferry which would bring us across the Jardine River. Because there is no bridge, for whatever reason, you are forced to take the river ferry and pay 100$ for a return ticket. 100$ is totally not worth the value we were getting but we had no choice so we paid and then waited for the ferry to come. We filled up the fuel for 1.90$/Liter, which is pretty expensive but due to this remote area it’s understandable. We also checked our messages and I could upload another blogpost because we had some signal in this area. Then we jumped on the ferry, took the one minute river crossing and kept heading north afterwards.

After the ferry crossing our next goal was Punsand bay because someone told us that this is a nice spot. After another hour of driving, we reached a small campsite and behind the campsite, there was the beach. It was indeed a very beautiful beach with a nice view and nice vibes. We enjoyed the view and took some pictures. We couldn’t swim unfortunately because there are supposed to be crocodiles and box jellyfish (jellyfishs?) but the beach was amazing anyway:

The beach in Punsand bay

After that we finally wanted to get to Cape York and took a 4WD track which was leading us straight to the tip according to our navigation system but shortly after we drove on the road we could see that it’s too heavy for us and we were eventually stopped by trees blocking the street. We turned around and drove a little back from where we came and took the main road to the tip. After another 30 minutes the time had come: We reached the beach of Cape York! As soon as we drove on the beach we could tell that this is a magic place. The vibes were amzing and no people apart from us made the beach just super beautiful! We were driving a little bit around with our car, found a nice spot to stay and climbed a little rock from which we could overlook the whole area:

The overview on the Cape York beach

Louka and I went for a swim after that even though there are supposed to be crocodiles but the water was pretty flat and there were no signs for crocodiles at all. After that we jumped back in the car and we wanted to see the northernmost point of Australia, the reason we came here for 😉 We drove with the car closer to the tip to some rocks, got out of the car and walked the last 500 meters to the tip. After 5 minutes of walking, I was the first to see the sign and we were very happy to finally be at the top! We looked a little bit around and just enjoyed being at the most northern point of one of the biggest countries in the world.

Ouh yeah!

The two offshore islands at the tip

The sign to confirm your success

After our Cape York session, we went back to the car and made our way to campsite on the east coast of the Cape York peninsula. We drove for another hour over some 4WD tracks and then eventually reached the beach, where our campsite was supposed to be. Unfortunately the beach was full of plastic garbage from the ocea, so we kept driving and found a nice spot in the nature, close to a cliff. We built up our tent and sleeping arrangement and the went discovering the area. It was a rocky cliff and the waves were hitting the cliff with a lot of noise, which made the spot in a dangerous way very beautiful.

Our safe spot next to the coastline

The rocky (and a little bit scary) cliff

We made some spaghetti for dinner and then out the blanket on the grass and watched the stars, which were really clear today becuase we had barely any clouds.

I went to bed at around 9 o’clock because we want to see the sunrise next morning and need to stand up at about 6 o’clock for that. Let’s see if the weather is with us.

The day today was indeed a very good day because we finally reached the tip and we got a nice camping spot, just for ourselves next to the coastline with the sound of the ocean. We had a lot of driving and lots of 4WD tracks but the car seems to be strong enough so we will be able to get back to Cairns without further damage…

In the next days we want to explore a little bit the area around here and also see leftovers from some Second World War. Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of time left but we will do as much as possible.

Cheers, love and peace, Leo


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