Weipa and the missed sunset – Cape York Roadtrip (Day 5)

Today we were standing up at about 7 o’clock because we wanted to do some more Kilometers. We made breakfast, took a last shower in the river and left the camping place at about 8:30 in the morning. Then had to drive lots of gravel road to get to Weipa, which is our next destination. Weipa is a 500 km detour but you are supposed to see a very nice sunset from there so we decided to take these extra Kilometers.

The view from the car the most of the time

What is interesting is that we saw a Dingo on our way to the city. A Dingo is a wild dog who looks a little bit like a mix between a golden retriever and a wolf. I couldn’t take a picture because he was very shy and ran away quickly but it’s much fascitnauing what kind of flora and fauna you can see on this peninsula. I’m excited about other animals we are going to see.

Before we approached Weipa about two hours after that we had to pass through a lot of mining area. In the area of Weipa there is apparently a lot of Bauxit. The city is probably only there for the workers of the mines and the other jobs which grow around mine areas. The mining area stretched all around Weipa and there are lots of big roads for big trucks and a lot of ships which carry the Bauxit. So we drove through this area and after a while we came to the city centre of Weipa which is actually no Center but more a place for people to come together.

I was surprised that there was a pretty big shopping mall in the Center with a Woolworth and some other shops where you can buy all your basic needs.

We went to the petrol station first and got some pretty cheap fuel and then went to the shopping mall and got some more groceries for the way to Cape York and back because there will probably be not many options to get food that cheap.

The Woolworth with a surprisingly good range of products

After that Mike went to the mechanic and got his Batterie fixed, which always got unplugged due to the rough gravel roads.
We enjoyed some self made sandwiches next to the sea and relaxed a little. Fortunately there was some Signal in Weipa so we could all access to Internet which was really useful. I could upload my second blogpost and check some messages.

Because it was very cloudy we talked again about our plan to go to a camping spot on the west coast to see the sunset and decided to go back to the main highway and get closer to Cape York. Unfortunately for me because I would have liked to see the west coast and I would have waited for the clouds to pass but I was outvoted.
So we made our way back to the highway and aimed for the next free camping spot which should was supposed to be next to the street somewhere on the highway.

We had a little stop for an amazing view where we could see the rainforest stretching all along the horizon which was pretty impressing. I also looked closer to one of the many many termite hills and was fascinated by the labyrinth inside there and all the termites crawling around…

The little elevation with an amazing view

After a while we reached our camping spot and we had to drive a little bit in the forest until we reached a kind of impasse. We built up our tent even though we weren’t sure if we were allowed to stay there but we were so remote so nobody could find us.

We made a little campfire burning to enjoy the evening around the fire.

Our remote private campsite

We made some pasta pesto for dinner and relaxed the rest of the evening on the campfire. Unfortunately we have only two chairs so there is always a little bit of fight who will get the chair 😉

We opened another wine bottle and talked again about many interesting topics and went to bed at about 10 o’clock.

The route we managed to drive today

The day today was alright only a little bit of a pity for me that we didn’t stay at the west coast. It was interesting to see the city of Weipa which has a real character of a working town. It’s not very beautiful but still fascinating for me. We had a lot of driving today which is good so we get closer to Cape York 🙂

Tomorrow we will have to stand up early again to make again some more Kilometers and we might even drive a little bit of the Old Telegraph Track. That’s a track specifically for 4WD and it’s supposed to be very difficult. But because our car is not good prepared for this kind of roads we might only be able to drive a little of the Track. Let’s see tomorrow and good night now.

Cheers, love and peace, Leo


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