Roadhouses, a dead snake and a mysterious lake – Cape York Roadtrip (Day 4)

We stood up at about 9:30 when everybody else already left the campsite. We had some standard breakfast with oats, cereals and long life milk and started the trip at about 11:00. Today was mainly driving expected and that’s also what basically happened. We had most of the time gravel roads today and sometimes normal streets every now and then. The gravel roads are not very easy to drive because they have a rough surface and many dips so you have to be always careful how you drive and to keep a good speed. But sometimes there are normal rods which release a little bit of stress…

A little impression from our drive

The plan today was to reach a free camping spot a little bit closer to Weipa, which is our next stop, so we can do the rest of the distance tomorrow.

After a couple of hours of driving we reached the Mulgrave station which is a small roadhouse with fuel and food for the people passing by. Most of the people going there are truckers who are driving materials and food on the Cape York peninsula but also travellers like us.

The cars standing in a queue for the fuel at Mulgrave station

After refuelling which was still pretty cheap about 1.60$ a Liter and two packages of chips for 11$ (!) we kept driving until we reached a small interesting lake. It was super blue and it looked pretty chemical but still fascinating. I touched the water and I still have all fingers so it’s not too bad 🙂

The super blue lake in the middle of nowhere

After another Kilometer our navi realised that we were driving the wrong street for about 10 kilometres so we drove back to the Mulgrave station and took the other street which was pretty annoying.
After another 30 minutes of hard to drive gravel road we saw a dead snake on the side of the road. It was pretty long, about 3 meters I reckon and very fat. I’d like to see this snake alive but it was probably killed by a car. All the flies and the ants profiting from the dead body made us leave the snake very quick again!

The 3 meter snake which is probably a python


After another 2-3 hours we reached at about 5 o’clock our goal and parked on the free camping spot located on a beach next to a flat river. That was indeed a nice piece of nature and we felt comfortable straight away.

Our beautiful camping spot next to the river


Before we prepared our sleeping arrangements we went to the nearby roadhouse and we got ourselves a nice lunch/dinner. I paid 12.50$ for one burger and 9.50$ for chips which was shared by three people. This is pretty expensive even for Australia prices but it’s of course understandable because of the remote location and so far away from civilisation.

12.50$ Burger


After the lunch we went to the camping site, put up the tent and prepared the car and then got some wood lying around to make a campfire for tonight. Then we put on our swimming suits and wanted to go for a little swim. Because the water was very flat we just went for a small walk in the river and explored a little bit the area around us. I enjoyed really much walking there and sitting on a stone and just watching the beautiful sky and the amazing nature around us. It was a really picturesque area around us and I really didn’t want to leave from there again.

Before it was getting dark Louka had the idea to take a shower in the river. So we got the shampoo and bathed a little bit in the sea and had much fun using the nature for cleaning our bodies, which was indeed really nice.

After that we got our towels and gathered around the fire and dried us. We got the chairs and looked at the fire and had some nice conversation. Unfortunately you couldn’t see the stars that night because it was cloudy but a campfire and the beach was enough for us at that night.

A little bit later in the evening we got some bread and toasted it over the fire and ate it with honey or jam which was really nice and our last food for today. Some bread toasted with fire is never bad 🙂

My attempt to toast a toast with the campfire 😉


Mike went to bed at about 10 o’clock and me and French guys, we remained for a while next to the campfire and talked about god and world which. At about 0:30 we went to bed even though we have to stand up at 7 o’clock tomorrow to get to Weipa on time for seeing the sunset from there but nevermind.

I wrote the diary and then went to sleep at about 1 o’clock.

The route we managed to drive today


What is pretty funny that I sometimes have to act as an interpreter because Mike’s English is “not the best” as he likes to say. Sometimes Mike is missing some words and he has difficulties to convey what he wants to say and then he will ask me how to say a certain word. And for me it’s good that I have two french guys with me, because I’m learning French at the moment and I can sometimes ask how to translate something or I can ask about the way of saying a certain sentence.

What is also good is that Mike and me talked a little bit about our relationship because we didn’t understand each other very well but now we talked and i hope everything will be fine now.

To conclude this article I will say that it was again a nice day with lots of gravel road, a nice 12$ burger for dinner a shower in the river and a nice campfire in the evening. Leo likes 👍🏼

Cheers, love and peace from the Cape York peninsula, Leo


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