From tourists to adventurers – Cape York Roadtrip (Day 3)

Today we woke up at about 9 o’clock on the Cape Tribulation campsite. After some cereals with oats for breakfast we checked out at 11 o’clock. We decided after some discussion to go to the Daintree rainforest and do some walks there. The Daintree rainforest is supposed to be the oldest rainforest in the world with trees up to 150 million years old! 
We had difficulties to find a free walking track in forest but after 30 Kilometers back and forth we finally found one. It was a pretty nice track with Mongrove forest and fascinating trees. We climbed a tree until the top but there was a tour guide and told us to come down again and threatened us with a fine but in the end we didn’t had to pay luckily. We couldn’t know that it is not allowed but it was a nice adventure.

Mongrove and bog area

The walking track through the rainforest

After the walk we left the Daintree rainforest, which goes along the east coast north of Cairns for about 200-300 km. Unfortunately we skipped Cape Tribulation, which is supposed to be a very nice spot with amazing views. But because of time reasons we kept driving towards our next destination which is a free campsite, about 250 km away. After a while of driving we finally reached a sign which said “4WD only” which means that the difficult tracks start from here. We entered the track and after 20 meters the street was crossing a small river. We took out our cameras and Mike slowly drove through the water.

I wish I could have uploaded a video but it takes too much time and data…

After another 30 minutes of driving we reached a wonderful viewpoint with a river taking a turn just in front of us. In the background you could see the mountains and the rainforest which was just super amazing! As we looked closer I couldn’t believe my eyes: There were 2 crocodiles taking a sunbath just down on the river! They were relaxing on the beach next to the river and caring about nothing. Very majestic creatures, I have to say. We watched them for a while but because they were so sleepy we kept on driving afterwards. Mike had some problems with the car batterie but we fixed it pretty quick and kept on going.

Such a beautiful view!

Crocodiles taking a sunbath on the riverside

After that we passed a small aboriginal town called Wujal Wujal and we got some fuel and lunch at a small fuel station. The prices for fuel are still surprisingly low so we filled the tank to the top and kept driving.

After that we left the rainforest area and continued in a kind of savanna area. The view was agin just super amazing and with completely blue sky and the mountains in the background it was one of the most beautiful roads I ever drove on. Mike allowed me to drive a little bit on the road and it felt super good to be on the road with music and this view. Definitely one of the best parts of the trip so far.

The best part of the Roadtrip for me so far!

We were navigating to the next free campsite but as we reached the point there was nothing but dry grass and a road leading to nowhere. Because the sun was still pretty high we decided to go to the next spot and I kept driving.

The next campsite wasn’t really better, it was just some sand and stones under a bridge, so we decided again to take the next one even though it was already getting dark. Mike drove again and we passed a little town called Laura. There is basically nothing but a roadhouse and some farm houses next to the road.

The small roadhouse in Laura with our car in the foreground

We made a little break and aimed for the next free campsite. We have a pretty good application called “WikiCamps” where you can see all the spots along the road and you can search for the next free campsites there. After a couple of minutes we reached our first gravel road. The street suddenly changed from grey to red and it was very rough to drive. After 30 minutes of getting shaked through on the street we reached the campsite and this time it was a better one a little bit off the street with some other people who already put up their tents and car sleeping arrangements.

We had some rice with mushroom sauce for dinner and ate it under the sky full of stars which was amazing! This night was clear without clouds and you could clearly see all the stars. Unfortunately I can’t take pictures of it with my camera because it’s just my phone camera but I can tell you that it was really nice 😉

Our dinner for this evening, rice with mushroom sauce…

We sat for a while on the campfire, which the other people already prepared and enjoyed the stars and just relaxed. I got out my Harmonica and we played together for a while even though we can’t really play and the Harmonica is not very good 🙂 
At 10 o’clock I went to bed because I was pretty tired after a day full of activities and new experiences!

We managed to drive about 250 km today starting from Cape Tribulation

Tomorrow we plan to go to a free campsite between here and Weipa, a town on the eastern side of the Cape York peninsula, where you are supposed to see very nice sunsets. A nice guy from the camping place showed us today which routes we should take and which ones to avoid so have a little bit more clarity which is definitely a good thing. So we will see how it goes tomorrow, probably mainly driving and eating so not much special, but you never know 🙂

Cheers, love and peace, Leo


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