Getting used to camping and Port Douglas – Cape York Roadtrip (Day 2)

Today we were standing up at 9:30 in the morning a little bit too late unfortunately. We wanted to do a lot today but we were not able to do all of it. We packed the car and left the camping place after having some cereals and oats for breakfast. What might be interesting to mention is, that we saw a jackfruit tree right next to our place where we were camping. Jackfruits are really big fruits, apparently growing on trees. We picked one but we didn’t dare to eat, because we were not sure if it’s ripe. It’s supposed to taste like pulled pork which would be interesting but it was too risky…

Jackfruit, which can grow really big!


So Mike drove all of us in his 4WD to our next stop which was Port Douglas. That’s a small town a couple of kilometres north of Cairns. It’s a really nice landscape in the tablelands around Cairns, I can only recommend it. Many mountains and very nice views!

We reached Port Douglas after a 1 hour drive and relaxed for a while in the beach and went for a walk along the ocean which is really nice.

Port Douglas: Sea – beach – palmtrees; very nice! Photo: Mike

After some relaxing and buying lunch at Coles (an Australian supermarket chain) we kept driving to our next destination, which was the Mossman Gorge. The Mossman Gorge is a small river which is going slow at one point and you can swim in there. A 30 minutes walk took us to the Gorge and Louka and me swam in the cold water and we climbed along the stones which was really nice. After about 2 hours we walked back to the car and continued our Roadtrip with our next destination Cape Tribulation. On the way back to the car we saw a gigantic spider who spanned her web along the window of the Mossman Gorge touristic center.

The gigantic golden orb spider

After that Mike allowed me again to drive and I lead us safely along the tablelands again with super stunning landscape. A beautiful sun shining in the roads made everything golden which gave us the real Roadtrip feeling 😎

The beautiful view out of the car. Photo: Mike

A snapshot from the car with the professional driver 😉. Photo: Mike


After another 2-3 hours of driving when it already got dark outside we reached the ferry we had to take to cross the Daintree river to get to cape tribulation. It was just a 5 minutes drive across the river and they want to have 14$ for one way. But fortunately Mike had a rocket from last time which was apparently still valid and they don’t seem to take it very serious with the payment…

The river crossing on the ferry

After that the street lead us through our first real rainforest which was pretty nice. It got darker and darker and we were in the lookout for the campsite which would cost us 6$ per night because there are no free ones. When it already got pitch black and we had to turn on the light we finally found the site. As we approached the campsite we saw a sign which told us that we have to book a place in advance. Of course we didn’t do that and because we didn’t want to risk a fine we kept driving and searched for another space to place our tent.

The drive through the rainforest on the night with a warning for cassowarys
Because there are plenty of possible accomodations we didn’t worry too much about a place and took another campsite which cost us 55$. We took a place with power because every other place was already taken…

After some chicken and mince meat with fajita rolls for dinner we decided to go the beach and enjoy the stars over there.
When we came to the beach which was only a 5 minutes walk from the campsites we saw some people gathering around a campfire. We decided to join these guys and we talked to a nice girl from the group. They were apparently a class from university all from Michigan in the USA and we had some nice conversation with another girl almost the whole rest of the night.
The campfire with the Americans on the beach

Emily, Me, Florent and Louka with some conversation in the middle of the night

Climbing a palm tree with an almost full moon in the background 👍🏼


When it was midnight they all left because they wanted to see the sunrise on the next morning. Louka and me, we stayed a little longer and walked along the beach and climbed a palm tree which was pretty easy to climb. A little bit further up we met some Aussies around a campfire with some self made alcohol. We tried some and talked to them for some minutes and walked back to the hostel afterwards.

I took probably my last warm shower for more than a week and went to sleep after that.
Tomorrow we want to go to Cooktown a little village north of Cape Tribulation and after that get to the highway which leads to Cape York, let’s see what happens tomorrow!

Today was a pretty nice day with beach, campfire and stars and swimming and amazing landscape, we can keep going like this!
PS: Unfortunately I have Optus as mobile provider which means I can’t access to internet in a remote places. I won’t be able to publish articles everyday only when I have enough access to internet. So there might be days with no article at all and days with two or three articles at once…

Cheers, love and peace, Leo


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