Heading off! – Cape York Roadtrip (Day 1)

Today after almost 1 week of preparing, we finally started the Roadtrip to the legendary Cape York. We had a tough time preparing the Roadtrip because we couldn’t agree on the money things and some people canceled the trip in the last minutes. But today at 1 o’clock in the afternoon on the 11th of June 2017 we finally made it and 4 people including me drive all together to the Cape York.

The members of the Roadtrip team are Mike a German guy from Jena, who we met over Facebook and he is the one with the car, Florent a French guy from Burgundy, who I already knew from farmwork in Tasmania and who I met again in Cairns and Louka, a French guy from Nice who I also already know from farmwork in Tasmania and who also came to Cairns to look for farmwork like florent and me. We all bought enough food and camping stuff for the first day and then finally headed off.

The Cape York crew (from left to right: Louka, Mike, Florent and Me)

Our first stop short after we left cairns the bottleshop “dan murphy’s” a little bit outside of cairns to buy some wine. Of course if we have french people with us we have to buy some wine to enjoy on our Roadtrip. We got a red wine and a white wine and continued driving towards Cape Tribulation after that. This is our first stop on the way to cape York because it’s supposed to be a beautiful piece of nature with beaches and rainforest and some nice spots to see around it.

However, short after we reached the Main Street to Port Douglas we were stopped by a roadblock. They stopped the cars for the iron man taking place at exactly that day. The iron man is like a triathlon, with swimming, running and riding the bike. At that point they were driving the bikes exactly on our route so we couldn’t pass to Port Douglas. We decided to stop and look for a while at the bikers because we didn’t want to make the huge detour around the mountains which would have taken us about two and a half hours.

We built up the chairs, made it cozy for us to watch and opened the bottle of red wine. We enjoyed looking at the bikers rushing along the street one after another for a while and talked a little bit.

Enjoying a sports event with some wine πŸ‘πŸΌ

After a while when we got tired of watching and 1/4 Liter of wine we discussed about our route again and decided to drive the detour because there was a free camp side on that road. So we turned around with our car then and made our way to the camping place through the mountains and the tablelands and left the bikers behind.

We drove a curvy road through the mountains and straight roads over the tablelands which was pretty beautiful. Mike let me drive for a while because it’s actually his car but we want to share the driving time so he has to get me get used to the car. It was surprisingly easy for me even though I had to get used to drive with automatic and I had to build some driving confidence after half a year without driving, but everything worked out fine fortunately.

The beautiful tablelands in the Cairns hinterland

Our first spot on the free campsite

After that we made some pasta with mushroom sauce and fried eggs for dinner and talked about our plans for tomorrow. At 7 o’clock it was already dark outside but we stayed a little bit around the table and Florent and me emptied the wine bottle together and we had some conversation all together. At this point I learned to appreciate really good wine for the first time in my life. I drank wine before but I never cared about the taste or anything like that just for the sake of drinking. I really liked the taste and the gently numbing effect of the wine and now I understand why every french person loves their wine πŸ™‚

We went to bed at about 9 o’clock, I read a little in a book and listened music and then fell asleep at about 11 o’clock. Tomorrow we have to get up early because we have lots of things to do for tomorrow!

All in all it was good first day and im excited about what’s going to happen tomorrow. The day started with a little shock (because there was some violence at the hostel) so we started the trip with a slightly depressive atmosphere but it grew better after some wine and Roadtrip!

So the first day is over let’s see what the second day brings…

Stay tuned, love and peace



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