How to live a better life (Part 4/4)

The last part will be all about going to new places and how new places and new environments can change your way of perceiving life and yourself in particular.

Going to new places

This is definitely a way to get inspired and get new ideas how to live a life that suits you. If you go to new places, where you have never been before or to places which are completely different to everything else you have seen before, you will see that also they will possibly inspire you if are open for change and new things. If you go to another climate zone you will see for example how your body reacts, you will see how your mind reacts and you get to know yourself better in terms of what you like and what you dislike.

If you have always lived in a big town and then you visit a small town, you will see that it’s also possible to live in a small town and you will see if you like it not. Maybe you like it so much that think to yourself that it would be better to live in such a small town because you like knowing everybody and the kindness towards everybody or the short distances, whatever. If you live your life long in a big city you will never find out. And that’s kind of sad to me because everybody should live his full potential in my mind. Maybe you get even different ideas when going to different places and fall in love with a different type of living. What you can do is also live for about a month in a completely different environment for example in the desert or with an ancient tribe in the rainforest. That can be a life changing experience and has definitely the potential to make you more happy and life more your true desires.

What about living in this small village? (Sorry for taking a picture from the internet, I forgot to take pictures by myself…)

For me for example was it a little town which was very attractive to me. I hve been to Nimbin, a small village with just one main street for the shops and several small streets for the houses. I spent there one night and I really liked it, even if it was just that short. I liked knowing where everything is, I liked meeting the same people in different areas of the city. Even though it’s small, there is always something new to discover so it doesn’t get boring. In these little towns there is not much space for conflicts because you will see each other again for sure! I would never hesitate to go out in the world and see to completely different places like never before. Not preparing myself, just see what’s going to happen.

With one sentence: It’s travelling and new things that give you new ideas and can make you truly happy from inside. It’s changing your habits and changing your daily things that you do that give you new ideas and lead you to your life you always wanted. If you find yourself unhappy, it’s definitely a good way to break all your patterns and start living and taking responsiblity. Not forcing anything, just trust on everything going well. I know it’s easier said than done but it’s a way more optimistic and stressless way of living 🙂

Cheers, Love and Peace



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