How to live a better life (Part 3/4)

In the third part it’s all about learning new skills, which is to me one of the most important things to improve your life. You learn so much about yourself and how things work. It’s absolutely fascinating to see how you change yourself and your views on the world. Enjoy the third part of this mini-series 😉

Learning new Skills

The point “learning new skills” is particularly important to me because I’m learning french at the moment and it’s really interesting to see how this changes the way to look at things. And this is what I mean by speaking of learning new skills, it’s for example learning a new language or at least make the attempt to learn a new language. It will open your eyes for new ways of expressing things, it will make you say things differently and maybe think about the words and suddenly get a new sense of the meaning. Language learning is definitely not an easy thing and it takes a lot of discipline, effort and some frustration phases, but it’s definitely worth it. The feeling of suddenly being able to connect better to the people who speak that language is just priceless and is definitely worth all that effort!

Language learning is one thing (I will write an article about it very soon because it’s also a very interesting and vast topic) but also easier things like juggling, making magic tricks or learning how to drive a car can make you get to know yourself better by observing how you react to unexpected things or phases of frustration etc. You will get to know youself better by changing the habits of your brain and breaking for a short time through your thinking routine.

And this is actually what it’s all about to me. Breaking through the routine. I once read a quote by Paulo Coelho who makes it very clear to me:

„If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal“

It basically says that routine will kill you. Not the normal sense of dying but the death of your happiness. It will kill your joy of living and it will kill your ability to connect. If you fall into a thinking routine you will find yourself more and more unhappy (if you didn’t choose it freely). A way to get out of this thinking routine is by „dangerous“ adventure. Adventures might seems dangerous but only for the false sense of security. If you accept what comes and do everything that’s necessary you will survive even the hardest adventure. Break your routine and go on a little adventures. Let it be going for a walk at night to a place you have never been to or take the local public transport without knowing where to drive to. That’s the scary but also exciting part about an adventure: Not knowing what’s going to happen. Let the life take the control.

With learning new skills you can train your brain to break the thinking habits and learn to adapt to changes and unexpected things, which will help you accepting more and more what happens. You see it’s mainly about breaking the routine and coming out of the repetitive mind patterns by learning and seeing NEW things. A child is naturally amazed by the world because everything is new to him but as adults we somehow forgot how to wonder about the world and be curious about of our environment. But even as adults we can also go somewhere new and let our inner child come through which wants to discover the world and learn about new things every second. And by learning new skills we definitely see the world through another perspective and make our inner always happy child come through. And that’s the most beautiful thing in my mind.

I wrote in another blogpost that it’s to me the most important thing in a humans life to get back to the state of mind of children and just play and play and play and never stop 🙂 If you watch children you can see that they don’t think about tomorrow or the goals they want to reach in one year. They are just fully present and that’s what makes everybody in the world truly happy!


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