How to live a better life (Part 2/4)

In the first part, I was talking about the importance of meeting new people and gaining ideas from them. In this part I’ll be dealing with the importance of making new experiences and how they can change your life and make you more happy.

Making new experiences

The second point is making new experiences. With new experiences I mean everything that changes your habits. Your thinking habits, your eating habits or your routine. For example a simple new experience can be eating new food. I think many people eat mostly the same food, and they get used to eat their line of products. But there is so much more! If you go to the supermarket and buy things you never bought before you can eventually find something very good and have your new favorite food or invent a new recipe with new products. You will change your way of eating and become more open to new things. I think it is very important to be open for new things and new experiences. New experiences are waiting behind every corner. And every new experience has the potential to make you know yourself better. To make you know more about what you like and what you dislike.

If you are always stuck in the same way of doing things and in the same way of living your daily life and you find yourself unhappy. Try something new, let it be new food, let it be a different way of driving to work, let it be watching another tv-channel, let it be trying another kind of sports. Just let your creativity flow and maybe next time you don’t go for a simple run but take lesson in a boxing studio – whatever… just anything 🙂


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